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Maison A. de Vacqueur is a beautiful story of rebirth.

Indeed, François Arbellot de Vacqueur comes from a family of producers, breeders and traders in  Cognac since 1840. It was at this time that his ancestors decided to create Arbellot cognac  and begin to export their products  in the United States and Northern Europe.

Unfortunately, in 1956, the decision was  taken to sell the company to another player in the region, Louis Royer, who owns and operates  still today the Arbellot brand.

Well surrounded by his two partners Eric Aiguillon and Antoine Quéron, the three enthusiasts decided to rekindle the flame and give birth to a new Cognac House.  backed by a family know-how, transmitted from generation to generation.

Their complementarity, their passion for the product and their taste for excellence make them a  ideal recipe to develop this project and make  Maison A. de Vacqueur an important player in the region.

Bien entouré de ses deux partenaires Eric Aiguillon et Antoine Quéron, les trois passionnés ont décidé de raviver la flamme et de faire naitre une nouvelle Maison de Cognac, forts d’un savoir-faire familial transmis de génération en génération.


Leur complémentarité, leur passion du produit et leur goût pour l'excellence en font la recette idéale pour développer ce projet et faire de la Maison A. de Vacqueur un acteur important de la région.

Quéron, Aiguillon, Arbellot

Francois Arbellot de Vaqueur

Coming from a family of cognac producers, breeders and traders since 1840.

It was at this time that his grandfather decided to create the Arbellot cognac house, now owned by Louis Royer.

Driven by this story  that runs through his veins he decides, after an 8-year expatriation in China in wines and spirits, to find his roots and rekindle the flame of family history.


Eric Aiguillon

3rd generation of producers since 1936, he spent 17 years as a producer and breeder on the family estate  of Petite Fontvieille, in the heart of Petite Champagne.

After this great experience in the field, he became a master in the art of blending brandies for the famous Camus house for 9 years.

Then finally in 2016 he decided to start his own business and put his talent at your service to the delight of your taste buds!

Antoine Quéron

Antoine Quéron derives his passion from his ancestors, winegrowers for 7 generations in a small village in the heart of Fins Bois, in Macqueville.

Since 2016, he has been able to reinvent himself and develop a trading and distillation activity alongside his vineyard.

The latter decided to put his passion for the creation of different spirits at the service of the house of A. de Vacqueur.

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